Cream puff

Our specialty – “The Giant Cream Puff”

You can get Cream Puffs anywhere – But Giant Cream Puffs after the “Original recipe from Berlin”
are only served at the Windbeutelbaron.

These are fresh made every morning and available in various kinds.
A peek into our menu will be worth it!
As the original recipe is kept secret, the Giant Puffs are always made by Hans Ebner himself.

History of the “Windbeutel” (Giant Puff)


A confectioner from Berlin, who was closely connected to our house, passed the original recipe of this – formerly Prussian – pastry on to us over 60 years ago.

Since then our Guesthouse is called Graflhöhe “Windbeutelbaron”.

Beside our regular offered Giant Puffs

We also create seasonal changing versions

as e.g. the Strawberry Giant Puff served in May and June.

For the World Championship in Brasil we had created the “Sugar Loaf Mountain”.

Further specialities of the house


Of course we also serve further specialities such as different homemade cakes and a large selection of sundaes.

We are also famous for our homemade plum cake, which is served oven-fresh in August and September.